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Vauxhall Victor FB Saloon 1962 Primrose Yellow and Honey Gold roof.

This car belonged to our late Membership secretary Gordon Barker. It has had many new parts, a full respray, full strip down and full restoration The work done to this car can only be described as exceptional, with the work done being often referred to on the internet as how panels should be made – just Google ‘retro rides making panels’ to see the quality of work done.

This car must be seen.

Tel 07949711688 (calls only, no texts) Clive Jackson

This is how a new sill should look when fitted – all the panelwork was done to this standard





Wanted for F type Victors :

carpet set or rubber mat set for bench seat car (any colour)

blue front bench seat

blue/grey interior door pull handles

footwell card trim panels

rear plastic interior roof panel that fits around the tailgate hinges

chrome ashtray for single front seat car (not bench seat)

Steve Mace 07854 675646



For sale rear screen for F type Victor series 1 & series 2 1959-60 £30.00

Steve Mace 07854 675646


For sale – remanufactured Victor stainless steel tail pipes (FB/FC) in  35mm tubing reduced to 32mm at one end to fit into the silencer. These cost £30 but could be cheaper if we can get together a bigger order.

Postage cost to be arranged, or can bring to Market Harborough Vauxhall Show in July.

Please contact me (Clive Jackson) to order one tel 07949711688 or email (details in front of magazine)

For Sale (all plus p&p)

Heater hose 13mm x2 £10 each

FB early front wing nameplate vgc £20

FC Victor top hose £8

FC front brake repair kit, chassis no. 6121539 on, £8

Water pump 6315778 £65

CA fuel cap 1966 £7

101 Victor front brake shoes, all drum-braked models, 64-67 £12

VX/490 Brake master cylinder £30

F Victor 57-60 Rear brake shoes £15

FB VX4/90 Water pump 61-64 £40

Phone Richard 01992 762487 between 5 and 7 p.m.




A quick word from Spares Coordinator Ashley:

Just a note to say that people say that spares aren’t available but we have spent hundreds of pounds in the last 18 months having items remanufactured. Some items are just too expensive to have remanufactured for the number of cars that would need them. If you require something that isn’t in the magazine please get in touch because you will be surprised what we have got. If we haven’t got it we may be able to put you in touch with someone that has.

Regards Ashley Dumpleton


NEW! Rear light rubbers £15.00 each

Front shock absorbers £90.00

Rear shock absorbers £90.00

Front brake shoes £20.00

Rear brake shoes £20.00

Series 1 bullets £20.00 each exchange

1961 supplement manual reprints £10.00

Battery clamps £30.00

Brake hoses £15.00

Rocker cover gasket £3.00

Rear indicator lenses £7.50

Front indicator lenses £5.00

Series 1 front centre bumper £150.00

Series 1 rear centre bumper £150.00

Chrome screws for rear lights x4 £20.00

Bonnet birds £75.00 each

N/S series 1 pork chop new £100.00

Set 3 engine mounts £90.00

Half horn ring £50.00

New rear wings £150.00

Grommet for timing hole £15.00

Bonnet guide rubber £10.00

Number plate light rubber £30.00

1961 supplement manual reprints £10.00

Battery clamps £30.00

We are also having original inner and outer sills made. Hopefully we will have these for Market Harborough and the prices aren’t yet known.

All prices exclude postage and packaging. Any larger items that cannot be posted can be taken to Market Harborough to be collected at the VBOA Rally.


Please contact Ashley Dumpleton on 01335 300186 or 07933155499. Evening phone calls preferred if possible.


(For clutches, wheel cylinders, slave cylinders and master cylinders; please phone David Kingerley on 01332 873685).

To advertise items For Sale or Wanted, please email details to along with up to five pictures.  Adverts are free for members.  Non-members please contact us for rates.

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